Friday, September 15, 2006

How to participate

There are plenty ways to participate in soweto uprisings . com. Here are a few:

  • If you feel the map's missing a location which, really, should be on there, contact Ismail or Babak.
  • You can leave a comment on any of the locations from one of the routes by clicking on the marker for the particular location you want to comment on. One of the tabs is called 'Comments'. Go there.
  • You can submit pictures for any of the existing locations by uploading them to Flickr, joining the soweto uprisings group at Flickr and tagging them accordingly. What to tag your pictures with, you can find out by clicking on the '?' tab for any location.
  • For certain locations, you can have your blog entries be listed in relation to the particular locations. Your blog must be indexed by Google blogsearch and satisfy the search criteria as mentioned on the '?' tab.
  • If you have content, related to the Soweto uprisings which you feel fits better directly on this website as compared to your own blog, or if you don't have the ability or facility to maintain your own blog, contact Ismail or Babak.
  • If you're a website owner located in or around Soweto, you can geotag your website. Check out GeoURL for details. When tagged correctly, we'll pick up your website automatically.
So you see, many possibilities. Just choose one.


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