The Soweto Uprisings in Meawolands
This is the route taken by students from Vuyani Secondary School in Chiawelo. The route ends at Sizwe Stores in Mofolo. Students from Chiawelo did not finish the march to Orlando as they were intercepted by police.
Junior Secondary School is located in Diepkloof
The events of the day from Madibane High School in Dieplkloof
The Naledi Route is the longest route beginning in the western regions of Soweto,
Antonette Sithole's Route
The Main Route
This is the route Taken by Mbuyiso Maqubo after picking up Hector Pieterson's body and heading towards Phomolong Clinic.
The famous Vilikazi Precinct is home to the Hector Pieterson Memorial and Museum and the Mandela Family Museum
The Route taken by the police on June 16 1976
The Positive Action Campaign was initiated by Robert Sobukwe the leader of the PAC. The March in protest of the pass laws of South Africa took place on 21 March 1960. A fateful day in South African history remembered by the Sharpville massacre where up to 71 people were shot dead and hundreds were injured when police opened fire on protestors.
The Avalon Route begins at Regina Mundi Church and ends at the Avalon Cemetry.
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